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Wayne's Body Shop

"Any body shop can remove dents, We remove Doubts"

* Things to Know:

*  You have the right to get your estimate at your shop of choice. Choosing the shop they want you to go to, may be convenient for the insurance company, but probably won't be in your best interest.

*  Repairs: Often times there is more than one way to do repairs to your car. The right way, and the cheap way. The insurance company usually chooses the less expensive way. Is anyone looking out for your best interest? Yes, we are!! Remember, if the insurance company tries to choose a shop for you(don't let them), who do you think that shop is beholding to? You or the insurance company that sends them all  the work. Something to think about, and you don't have to think very long. Insurance companies are  businesses, it all about  profits. Where and how can they save money. Is that going to be your car?

*  One of the biggest misconceptions:  " Don't worry. I've been with this company for twenty-five years. They will treat me good." Well, actually nothing changes. Generally speaking, your company has been good at accepting your premiums (money) for twenty-five years, that doesn't actually change anything when it comes to paying a claim. They may tell you it does, and common sense would tell you it would, but thirty-two years of practical experience says something else. You need someone looking out for you! We have been serving the greater Rutland area for fifty-three years, and we always work for the customer. The customer is our #1 priority! Our whole business and reputation is based on customer service and word of mouth. We have a lot of repeat customers for a reason. If you have questions about accident damage or your insurance claim, we'd love to hear from you!


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