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Frame Shop:

                 Car-o-liner. An industry leader in frame and frame measuring technology. We choose to use the Car-o-tronic measuring system for all our frame work. Car-o-tronic is a computerized measuring devise that works off a database from car-o-liner. The database is comprised of actual vehicles that have been measured. No guessing here. Accurate to within one millimeter. The difference in the car-o-liner, is it is also able to measure upper body dimentions as well (door openings, roof lines, strut towers, etc). Most machines are not. If your vehicle is a full frame vehicle (trucks, SUV's, etc.) Car-o-tronic is again, one of few that can measure the full frame, and give a computer printout of the before and after specs. There are machines and measuring systems that can measure, but can they hand you a computer printout of the corrected frame when they are done? Most can't. Piece of mind is priceless!

                 Also shown on this page are numerous clamps and jigs that are needed to perform the actual frame repairs. Having the correct machine and tools, combined with the years of experience needed to perform the repairs are what is needed to make sure you get the best repair possible. At Wayne's Body Shop, we have all that. Call us for all your frame and collision repair needs!

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